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New Patterns!!!

17 Jan

So I was brave enough to go to Joanns yesterday on the first day of the sale to pick out my 99 cent Simplicity patterns. I’m glad I did because they were already low on my size. There were only two patterns that they were out of in my size, so I will check another store later this week.

Here’s what I got:

Some of these aren’t new patterns, but they are new to me!!! Last year I was too bogged down with work sewing that I couldn’t even think about sewing for myself but after some life-reorganization I can handle it for 2011.

I have beautiful fabric from G-Street Fabrics for 2250. It was on the $2.97/yd table so honestly I’m sure exactly what it is but I’m going to say maybe a black poly satin with white cotton threading running through it. I love the way it feels! I’m worried that it could shift some in the bodice of the dress, so I’m going to look into some stabilizing techniques before I start.

January has been a good month. I need to take more pictures but so far I have finished two dresses, a skirt, and I’m still working on the little jacket from Simplicity 2443. Hope that will be done by the middle of this week and I can start on a new dress!


Tulip Dress (McCall’s 3584)

12 Jan

McCall’s 3584 Adapted

This was my first project of the year!!

I made this dress in View A in 2005 and this time around I decided I would dare to try the straighter skirted View B.  The dress was easy to make, especially since I’ve made it before- I was concerned more with how the silhouette would look on my body.


I cut a size 16 and added a slight flare to the skirt for a more of an A-line.  I tried something different this time around and sewed tucks into the waistband so now it has a cumberbund look.  I’m going to some weddings this year so I figured I could make a wrap/scarf/shawl out of maybe some shantung and be set to party!!!

The BEST part of this dress is that I made it without spending any money!!  The tulip print is cotton sateen from a sundress I made years ago.  The waistband is a cotton sateen left over from work pants I made for pregnancy, and the skirt is a rejected fabric from a draping class I took in college.  It was from the $2.97/yd table at G-Street Fabrics but the Professor said it had too much stretch for the assignment.

Burst of Adrenaline or Pre Snow Rush?

11 Jan

I heard that there may be some snow coming, so I used the time between my two year old’s (Andres) bedtime and my bedtime to lay out the jacket from Simplicity 2443.  He likes to help a little too much, so I have to be a little clandestine with my laying out and cutting during the daytime hours.  I usually use food or Thomas and Friends On Demand to distract.  Actually, thats how I’m able to give him haircuts too!!

Its supposed to be my bedtime too, but I think I’m too pumped up from the gym to fall asleep right now.  Thats always the problem with going in the evenings.  I’ve been trying to go in the mornings but it is NOT fun to have to run out to start your car and wait 10+ minutes for it to defrost.

I checked the reviews on the Simplicity 2443 jacket pattern and so far everything seems good.  Its a little boxier than I’d normally go for but I made the 2443 dress and I have coordinating fabric from my stash for the jacket and it looks cute on people from the photos I’ve seen so here I go.

So this week the goals are:

Buy invisible zipper for grey cord skirt I started today.

Finish the skirt.

Start the Simplicity 2443 jacket.

And on Thursday evening I’m going down to the DC area to visit a good friend who is the best sewer (people on blogs use sewist but I can’t say that without giggling) I know.  We usually go thrifting together- VIP Thursdays at Value Village!!! but if I can squeeze in a fabric store or two I want to look for buttons for the Simplicity jacket.

Brand New Year!

11 Jan

So in true Kelly fashion, it is January 10th and I’m just now starting on my new blog.  But Hey! Better late than never. We can just say that I’m on latin time.  SO, this year I’ve decided that instead of playing spider solitaire and watching bad reality shows (and caring for a toddler) on my days off, I will sift through my massive stash of fabrics and start making things for me again. My goal is to make 4 pieces a month and to 100% finish each and every garment I make— No more unfinished hems and unsewn buttons!!!

So far I’ve been keeping well to my goal.  We are only in the second week of January and I have started and finished 2 dresses and I’m halfway through a skirt that I have to go buy a grey invisible zipper for tomorrow after work.  I sew for work too, so I’m hoping not to get burnt out when we get busy in the store, but so far so good!  I have also not had to buy any fabric yet, just zippers.  I have a HUGE stockpile left over from college.  I went to school for Fashion Design so I have leftovers from projects and hungover Sunday morning trips to G-Street Fabric’s 2.97/yard table.

I really enjoy reading other sewing blogs– Thats what really inspired me to start my own and to keep up with the projects.  I’m glad to see there are so many talented people out there!!

Later this week, when I don’t have gym hair and can figure out the camera situation, I’ll blog on the two dresses and hopefully the skirt will be done by then.

Sew on!