Burst of Adrenaline or Pre Snow Rush?

11 Jan

I heard that there may be some snow coming, so I used the time between my two year old’s (Andres) bedtime and my bedtime to lay out the jacket from Simplicity 2443.  He likes to help a little too much, so I have to be a little clandestine with my laying out and cutting during the daytime hours.  I usually use food or Thomas and Friends On Demand to distract.  Actually, thats how I’m able to give him haircuts too!!

Its supposed to be my bedtime too, but I think I’m too pumped up from the gym to fall asleep right now.  Thats always the problem with going in the evenings.  I’ve been trying to go in the mornings but it is NOT fun to have to run out to start your car and wait 10+ minutes for it to defrost.

I checked the reviews on the Simplicity 2443 jacket pattern and so far everything seems good.  Its a little boxier than I’d normally go for but I made the 2443 dress and I have coordinating fabric from my stash for the jacket and it looks cute on people from the photos I’ve seen so here I go.

So this week the goals are:

Buy invisible zipper for grey cord skirt I started today.

Finish the skirt.

Start the Simplicity 2443 jacket.

And on Thursday evening I’m going down to the DC area to visit a good friend who is the best sewer (people on blogs use sewist but I can’t say that without giggling) I know.  We usually go thrifting together- VIP Thursdays at Value Village!!! but if I can squeeze in a fabric store or two I want to look for buttons for the Simplicity jacket.


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