Tulip Dress (McCall’s 3584)

12 Jan

McCall’s 3584 Adapted

This was my first project of the year!!

I made this dress in View A in 2005 and this time around I decided I would dare to try the straighter skirted View B.  The dress was easy to make, especially since I’ve made it before- I was concerned more with how the silhouette would look on my body.


I cut a size 16 and added a slight flare to the skirt for a more of an A-line.  I tried something different this time around and sewed tucks into the waistband so now it has a cumberbund look.  I’m going to some weddings this year so I figured I could make a wrap/scarf/shawl out of maybe some shantung and be set to party!!!

The BEST part of this dress is that I made it without spending any money!!  The tulip print is cotton sateen from a sundress I made years ago.  The waistband is a cotton sateen left over from work pants I made for pregnancy, and the skirt is a rejected fabric from a draping class I took in college.  It was from the $2.97/yd table at G-Street Fabrics but the Professor said it had too much stretch for the assignment.


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