What I’m working on right now:

4 May

I’ve made Vogue 1225 twice now and I’ve decided to use the pattern again for a top.

I’m using the same bodice as the original pattern but with my alterations: raising the armhole 1″, lowering the waist 1″, but I’m going to come up with some other piece to attach to the bottom.  My original thought was to have it be very gathered, but fearing a pregnancy-scare look, I’ll just put this all together and then decide. 

I’ll have to post pictures of the other two dresses, but they are deep in the hand washing pile–and we’ve had lots of wet days.

The fabric is a jersey knit from G-Street Fabrics in Seven Corners, Va. I’ve had it in my stash for 4 or 5 years waiting for the right project. I got it on the clearance table [$2.97/yd]. It is so soft that I considered just wrapping myself in it every night as a blanket.  The lace is from Etsy and is a leftover from another project. 

I want to finish this for a party thats on Sunday but I have tons of sewing to do for work so we’ll see. . .


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