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14 Jul

So, an update to the last post:

I couldn’t go to A Fabric Place because of my work hours but I DID go to G-Street Fabrics in Rockville over the weekend. The bad part was that I wasn’t able to find any decent wool crepe- in coral or royal blue- so unfortunately that dress has been put on hold until I can find the right fabric for the binding. Not an UFO- I promise! I can’t wait to be able to wear it.

I did however stock up on tons of fabric for the Fall/Winter while I was at the store since there was a great selection on the clearance table.  I can’t wait to start cutting into them.

I also just finished Simplicity 2588 [the white dress].  I had to take about 3 inches out of the gaping upper back.  Now it fits like a glove [said in my best Ace Ventura voice].  I’ll take pictures and post a review this weekend when I wear it to work.

And since I need to have a stack of projects going at all times, I’m going to cut out a new project this evening. What to cut, what to cut?

By the way, I love this:



8 Jul


 I really want to start another project this evening but I am in limbo between other projects and I don’t want to turn my space into a sewpocalypse.

Today I finished the Simplicity 2250 jacket.  I need to take good pictures and post a review. In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek, and proof that I can match stripes.


I am also in the process of making Vogue 1158. I am using a rayon challis print that I bought during my trip to Ecuador so I’m taking my time with it–because ya’ know you can’t just run to the store to buy some more.  But what really is holding me up is the bias binding.  I originally was going to use the challis print but then I thought it would look better [and more flattering] with contrast bias binding, perhaps in a royalish blue or salmony pink.  The problem is , I don’t own these said colors in a crepe [oh yeah, did  I mention I wanted spongy  crepe binding? I do.]  and I need to go hunt them down either at A Fabric Place in Baltimore or G-Street in Rockville/Seven Corners/Potomac Mills.  My mind complicates things even more because A Fabric Place is close to my work [but I’ve actually never been]  BUT G-Street is having a big sale this weekend.  All locations are far but I have connections in each city- Rockville is the closest and I lived there and we go visit all the time [ we could eat at El Patio], Seven Corners is the best one and I lived around there too during college [so I could revisit my ‘glory-days’], and my in-laws live in Potomac Mills so we could visit them [and be done with the obligatory summer visit]. YOU SEE!! I am making things too complicated!! What to do? And all for a half-yard of wool crepe.

Haha! Anyway, what do you think? Royal-ish blue or Salmon-y pink bias binding?












The last project is Simplicity 2588.  I bought the wrong zipper. TWICE. So on one these trips to a fabric store I have to pick up the correct one, sew it in, do a little topstitching, and hem. No biggie.

I love this fabric!!! It has a really neat texture, and some stretch to it so it is easy to wear.

Does this happen to you? Do you multi-task sewing projects and over-think the small details?