14 Jul

So, an update to the last post:

I couldn’t go to A Fabric Place because of my work hours but I DID go to G-Street Fabrics in Rockville over the weekend. The bad part was that I wasn’t able to find any decent wool crepe- in coral or royal blue- so unfortunately that dress has been put on hold until I can find the right fabric for the binding. Not an UFO- I promise! I can’t wait to be able to wear it.

I did however stock up on tons of fabric for the Fall/Winter while I was at the store since there was a great selection on the clearance table.  I can’t wait to start cutting into them.

I also just finished Simplicity 2588 [the white dress].  I had to take about 3 inches out of the gaping upper back.  Now it fits like a glove [said in my best Ace Ventura voice].  I’ll take pictures and post a review this weekend when I wear it to work.

And since I need to have a stack of projects going at all times, I’m going to cut out a new project this evening. What to cut, what to cut?

By the way, I love this:


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