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2011 Recap

1 Jan

I am better at sewing than I am at blogging.  That said, I have made 42 finished garments this past year and have only written about 13 or so posts.  I’m going to try to be better at that in 2012.  My significant other was just switched to second shift at work so that means its going to be preeeetty lonely most evenings.

I am glad 2011 is over.  Overall it was a good year- I picked up sewing for myself again. It was also a hard year because my parents finally separated after many many years of being together and unfornately we were all right in the middle of it.  So that said, I’m looking forward to 2012.  I plan on making some coats this winter to replace the 6 year old ones in my closet. I am also thinking about taking part in the SWAP (Sewing with a plan) Challenge over at Stitcher’s Guild. 

Alright- Here’s the rundown:

I made

7  Woven Dresses

8 Knit Dresses

1  Jumper

10 Skirts

1 Half Slip

5 Jackets/Sweaters

3 Tops

1 Caftan/ Swimsuit Coverup

2 Gifts for others (PJs and Sweater)

4 Swimsuit Coverups to sell at work (and 3 have sold thus far!!!)


Heres to 2012 and I hope to be sharing more !